Something for every skin tone; Beauty brand Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes redefines inclusivity

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Beauty is far beyond the color of skin and brands like Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes are redefining inclusivity. The brand aims at making beauty inclusive as India is a land of people with so many beautiful and different skin tones and skin types. This revolutionary philosophy has made the brand a treasure because it caters to so many skin tones the makeup industry otherwise neglects. Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes, an ideal beauty brand, affirms that makeup is not a mask to hide your skin color but it’s a divine art to accentuate your natural features.  

Something for every skin tone; Beauty brand Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes redefines inclusivity

Holding on to this transforming ideology, the brand Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes founded by the youth entrepreneurs Nidhi Katiyar and Ankit Katiyar has introduced a plethora of beauty product ranges that cater to every skin type and rule every skin tone. On the plus side, the names of the shades are so creative that you would simply want to hoard them all. 

Something for every skin tone; Beauty brand Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes redefines inclusivity

Claim the spotlight with Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes Cuppy Cake- Highlighter  

Something for every skin tone; Beauty brand Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes redefines inclusivity

Known for embracing skin diversity long before it was considered necessary, Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes is a veteran in the shade range game. The brand caters to a variety of skin tones and has become the golden standard by which people in the beauty industry interpret highlighter colors. A great option for any skin tone ranging from fair, to deep to even deep rich tones, their massive shade range includes names like Frumptious, Hulla Baloo, Zinged, Sweet Spot, and Ah-Ah. The brand is enhancing your natural complexion and accentuates the features you love. When many brands say “nude colors” they are referring to those with lighter skin. But, this brand compliments even the deepest tones extremely well. 

Brighten up your day with Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes Matte Liquid Lipstick 

There are days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup but still, you have to look your best and that is the time when lipsticks are your savior. There is always one such color that matches your every mood, and the recently launched Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes Matte Liquid Lipstick comes in fifteen shades that would perfectly suit your blues. The lipstick has a butter-like smooth formula with long-lasting up to 12 hrs. If you are scared of smudging your lipstick due to the mask, then you don’t have to worry about it as it is smudge and mask-proof. You will be left with no stain in your mask and be comfortable with the same. Keeping in mind that your lips don’t get chapped, they offer lipstick that is non-drying.  

 Accentuate your features with Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes Cover Pots- 18 Shades  

Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes cover pots-18 shades concealer is perfect when you need to cover a blemish, lift dark under-eye circles, or simply even out skin tone. These beautiful shades are the best inclusion in your make-up kits if you want something to make your eyes pop before you apply the eyeshadow. The cover pots are available in 18 shades which include Porcelain, Ivory, Buff, Rose Beige, Creamy Beige, Nude, Cool Tan, Warm Sand, Almond, Pure Beige, Toast, Chestnut, Mahogany 14 gm, Mocha, Peach Corrector, Orange Corrector, Pure White, and Green Corrector out of which 15 are complexion shades and 3 are Corrector shades. These cover pots can be used as a foundation, concealer, color correction, cut crease, eye primer, and contouring.  

Keeping in mind the market demands & needs, the brand manufactures beauty products that nurture every skin type further revolutionizing the definition of beauty. The products the brand deals in are cruelty-free, of high quality, and are also free from toxins. They in fact put a lot of thought into the packaging of the product to make it more appealing and easy to use for the customers. While many makeup brands don’t offer a deep assortment of colors, Cuffs ‘n’ Lashes go against the grain. After all, everyone deserves the right shade of make-up to add to their love of cosmetics. 

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