Arjun Patel is the epitome of success both on and off the field

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"People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed." -- Tony Robbins

Arjun Patel is the epitome of success both on and off the field

Determination translates to success and usually, it is the determination that runs out. To be an individual of extraordinary willpower you have to face a lot of surmounting challenges and conquer them with a smile. The personality in highlight today, Mr. Arjun Patel, is a relatable example of dexterity and success only because of his unwavering willpower. He is just 25 and already is an established entrepreneur, a professional cricketer, and has attained immense success in both these fields. While most graduates are confused about their future, Arjun Patel has already created a better one for himself. His career portfolio cements the fact that age is not the only determinant of being successful.

Arjun Patel is the epitome of success both on and off the field

Arjun Patel hails from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, and lived there for most of his childhood. He was a prodigy who possessed immense talent in cricket and joined the sport at the tender age of 10. He spent over a decade, honing his skills and perfecting his form during which he rose to popularity for his vigorous playing style and sportsmanship. He has represented his school in various cricket competitions that include Mushtaq Ali Tournament, Coca Cola Cup, and many more. He is one of the highest run-scorers in India at the under-16 level and was selected for the National Cricket Academy. Arjun Patel holds experience in representing his team in all three formats and has also participated and emerged as the show stopper in three international tours against Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Arjun Patel is the epitome of success both on and off the field

Arjun Patel is also an established entrepreneuroff the field who has built up many successful businesses from the ground up. Despite hailing from a wealthy family of businessmen, he never believed in transferred success and always wanted to make his name. Now, he manages the family business as well as a few independent ventures that includes printing houses, luxury boutiques, five-star luxury properties, and many more. Imagine the stress level that Arjun Patel faces daily to keep his ventures thriving and profitable. He still finds time to do social work and help brighten the future of our country by ensuring that every child in his district gets access to schooling supplies. Arjun Patel is one of the few businessmen who are working hard and also improving society in the process.

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