Twitter manager vomits in garbage can after Elon Musk asks to fire hundreds of employees

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The Twitter layoffs that occurred on November 4 affected a number of the employees who were let go, but little was spoken about the staff who remained on the job and dealt with Elon Musk, the company's demanding taskmaster. A Twitter manager puked in a garbage can after Elon Musk instructed him to fire hundreds of employees as part of the company's goal to reduce its personnel by half, according to the New York Times.  Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk's Takeover of Twitter is a report that goes into detail about the huge layoffs, Mr. Musk's decision to change the company, and the new product deadlines set by the "Chief Twit." Additionally, it states that the research included interviews with at least 36 Twitter staff members. (Also Read: After Meta and Twitter, Disney announces layoffs amid quarterly loss of $1.5 billion)  After speaking with 36 employees, reviewing corporate documents, and reviewing workplace chat logs, the outlet claimed that the fallout was "excruciating." In addition to stating that one engineering manager "vomited into a garbage can while others slept in the office as they worked grueling schedules to match Mr. Musk's order," the records also stated that some of the top executives had been unceremoniously sacked through email.  Employees discovered the open channel in the internal Slack message system where the legal and human resources teams were discussing the layoffs on November 2.  3,738 employees, or over half the staff, could be laid off, according to a message obtained by NYT from an employee. Internally, the message was widely disseminated. The workers immediately began sharing contact information to stay in touch and began saying farewell. In addition, Mr. Musk made a suggestion that the social media network would file for bankruptcy after losing some of its senior executives. Two weeks after purchasing it for $44 billion, according to credit experts, the billionaire warned Twitter staff on a call that he could not rule out bankruptcy, according to Bloomberg News. The transaction put Twitter's finances in jeopardy. The US Federal Trade Commission announced that it was closely watching Twitter with "deep concern" after the resignation of three privacy and compliance managers because the corporation might be breaking the law.

Twitter manager vomits in garbage can after Elon Musk asks to fire hundreds of employees


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